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GeoGems are Trackable Simulated Precious Stones for Geocaching!

Trackable Simulated Precious Stones

Ruby - Sapphire - Emerald - Diamond
Other Colors, Varieties and Shapes Coming Soon!




Make Geocaching a real treasure hunt with GeoGemsTM!


GeoGemsTM are simulated precious stones of ruby, sapphire, emerald or diamond made of crystal clear acrylic.

Each GeoGemTM is stamped with "Track at" and its own trackable number.

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GeoGem Ruby

GeoGem Sapphire

GeoGem Emerald

GeoGem Diamond

GeoGem Diamond in Dark Light
Diamond in Dark Light

GeoGems Come Separately in a Pouch
GeoGems Come Separately in a Pouch

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~ The Mystery of Precious Gems ~

  • The ruby is considered to be the most powerful gem in the universe and is said to have contentment and peace.
  • The sapphire is known as the stone of prosperity and has been historically associated with the sacred and divine, guardian of innocence and truth.
  • The possessor of an emerald is protected by God.
  • The diamond is unconquerable and magical. Its perhaps the most valuable gemstone on earth. Diamonds represent the qualities of love - pure, indestructable and incomparably beautiful. The ancient Greeks considered them to be “splinters of stars fallen to Earth” or “teardrops of the Gods.”

Precious Gems are also Used to Symbolize

Wedding Anniversaries - Birthstones - Zodiac Signs


A Pirate's Treasure GeoCache is not a Treasure Unless it has some GeoGemsTM and Cursed Pirate's Booty Geocoins!

Coins Available in Matte Gold, Sliver, Gold and Limited Edition Versions (with Different Gem Colors)


Cursed Pirate's Booty in Matte Gold

Cursed Pirate's Booty in Sliver

Cursed Pirate's Booty in Gold

Coin Front
Click to Enlarge and Animation

Back of Coin


The Coin Back Glow in the Dark

"Aybe Mateys - You Found Me Treasure" and "Surrender the Booty" with "Trackable at"

Coin Back Glows in the Dark!
Sliver Coin Back Shown but Others Differ in Glow Color


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Cursed Pirate's Booty

GeoGemsTM are also perfect for hunts with themes based on history or ancient civilations and cultures.







Asking a Geocacher for their hand in marriage?

Do it the GeoCacher way....

Secretly stash a GeoGem Diamond
with a romantic note and go discover it with them!

Don't forget...
Conviently have the ring in your pocket!


Engaged Couple Shows the Ring


Precious Gem Chart

Precious Stone Color Wedding
Birthstone Zodiac Sign
Ruby Red 15 and 40th July Leo
Sapphire Blue 5 and 45th September Taurus
Emerald Green 20, 35 and 55th May Taurus , Cancer and sometimes Gemini
Diamond Clear 10, 30, 60 and 75th April Aries


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